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Since the establishment in 2002 SkyXS Linz plays a central and supporting role to the entire SkyXS network.

Our operation team in Linz coordinates the road feeder consolidations at airport Linz as many of our stations use whenever necessary. as their consoldiation airport to connect to European gateways. In this way the operation team optimizes the cargo flow and consequently positions cargo ath the for the airline best gateway at the lowest possible costs.

For many of our airlines the Linz office is the financial counterpart for the entire network. Business generated in all 12 SkyXS countries can be centralized through one office.

One central invoice, one payment and one person to communicate with.


Our SkyXS Linz sales team covers sales in Linz and Western Austria (Salzburg, Innsbruck and Hohenems).

"The central coordination for operation and finance create a substantial advantage for our airline partners by keeping costs down in terms of trucking and minimize adminstration and communincation by having just a single point of contact in terms of invoicing and payments.

Having an active sales and customers service team close to the customer has been proven successful tool in generating revenues in areas where other GSA's do not have their regional sales team."

Andreas Niefergall

Area Manager

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