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The passion for further expansion of our network brought us to one of the smallest countries in Central & Eastern Europe.

In January 2015 SkyXS in Moldova was born. Close to Chisinau Airport SkyXS is now operating sales and customer servic activities on behalf of our partner airlines.

Establishment of the Moldavian branch is rather a logical step. Next to the Romania it give the organization new opportunities to generate synergies for the entire groups network.

The econmic fortunes of Moldova began to change in 2001; since then the country has seen a steady annual growth of between 5% and 10%.

As a whole, Moldova is doing well, foreign direct investment (FDI) has picked up although the main macroeconmic concern is inflation, which remains high for the region.

"I do not expect a steady growth like in other SkyXS branches, but I am convinced SkyXS Modlova will become the next pearl on the Groups chain."

Lora Vasilache

Area Manager

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